We service all of your fire sprinkler needs:

24 Hour On Call Emergency Services

 Call 651.484.5903 24/7 365 to contact one of our on call service technicians to address your emergency fire sprinkler system need. 

Service or Maintenance for commecial and residential buildings

 One of our experienced project managers can discuss your service needs and schedule a technician to address your fire suppression system repairs or maintenance. 

Fire Sprinkler Inspections

 Our skilled and licensed technicians can perform your quarterly, annual, 5 year, 10 year inspection and more for all sizes of your commercial and residential buildings.

Fire Sprinkler Systems for new construction, upgrades and Remodels

 We can perform all services from complete new construction projects to upgrades and remodeling of your existing facility. Please call our service manager to discuss and estimate your project needs. 

Fire Sprinkler System Parts Direct Sales to Customers

 If you are missing a fire department connection cap, an escutcheon or need a part for a sprinkler system please call for pricing. 

Unsure where to turn for help with your fire surpression needs?

Contact us today to speak with a member of our team to discuss your needs and to help guide you to the best solutions.